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Vera Playa beaches: the best beaches in Vera, Almeria

Playa Marques, Vera Playa

Vera is known for being one of the most privileged areas of the Costa Almeria. In Vera you can find vast beaches of fine golden sand among which are:

The Playazo: is more than 2 kilometers long and a width of 50 meters, this beach is 1400 meters from the northern end and reserved for those practitioners of naturism.
Vera is one of the places in the entire Spanish coastline with a big naturist tradition. It is ideal for surfing and sailing.

Puerto Rey/ Cala Marques: where the mouth of the Antas river forms a small lagoon which a large number and variety of birds use as a resting place on their migrations between Africa and Europe.
It covers an area of over 2300 meters by 130 meters wide. It is an urban beach composed of darker sand and has lots of local amenities and services.

Las Marinas-Bolaga: Certified with the Q for quality since 2006. More than 1775 meters in length and of high quality, extending from the port of Garrucha to Laguna de Puerto Rey. Along this beach stretches the promenade of Vera.

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