Bank Repossessions

Bank repossessions are hot in Spain right now. That is for a number of reasons. You can buy a very nice apartment on the Spanish coast for little money.

But perhaps it is even more interesting as an investment. We offer studios from 20,000 euros, which with some refurbishment for 3000 euros can easily be rented for 300 euros per month.

The same goes for apartments. We offer apartments for sale with and without parking space or underground parking from 40000 euros. Rental per month is 350 to 450 euros.

These are not vacation rentals. These are long term rentals. The return is in the long-term rental. And now is the time to invest.

Prices are still at an all-time low. But slowly are rising again. And quite frankly, at a certain time, we run out of these little investment opportunities.

We help you with the entire process. From viewing to purchase to renting out the apartment. With local lawyers, notaries, and contracts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to inform you about bank repossessions 

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