A Fistful of Rubbish. A modern-day environmental Western set in the Tabernas Desert in Spain

Europe’s iconic desert has a new villain…

A Fistful of Rubbish is a short documentary film about a clean-up campaign happening in the Tabernas Desert in Spain. Europe’s only desert – an area famous for being the backdrop of many famous Western films – is sadly being trashed.

Many people do not care about this unique environment, and instead choose to dump household refuse, building materials and all types of rubbish wherever they like. The local and regional governments have yet to do much to address the problem.

But now, with the help of some locals, a new cowboy in town is trying to change the situation.

With a mix of interviews and western stylised cinematography/music, this documentary will show the power of activism and dealing with problems the old-fashioned way; by taking things into your own hands.


Once completed the film will be submitted to film festivals around the world, and also used as an educational (and entertaining) tool to take to schools to change the consciousness around littering and the environment.

It will also be made available for people to watch online. Learn more about this project, click here

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